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Modernize Your Bathroom


Modern Bathroom Vanity
Modern Bathroom Vanity

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is usually the saying most people abide by when dealing with their bathrooms. While I agree in being economically savvy, sometimes things don’t need to be broke in order to be redone. You can be financially responsible and still upgrade your run down bathroom.

Whether you’re stuck in the 70’s or in the Victorian era, there are simple, affordable ways to turn these themes into modern and efficient bathrooms. I know how I feel when I wear the same shirt a few too many times, so staring at the same four walls would drive me mad. Luckily for home owners, all you need is a can of paint and a bathroom vanity and you can transform the room!

When trying to achieve a modern look try utilizing contrasting colors. Maybe splash a turquoise on the walls and purchase a black or white bathroom vanity. The difference between the colors will put emphasis on both newly renovated items. If you want to save tons of money, look online for your bathroom vanity. Internet distributors bathroom vanity cabinets have the liberty of offering quality bathroom vanities at affordable prices.

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Granite has a timeless quality that allows it to be part of a classic or modern bathroom. This flexibility makes granite the premier countertop surface these days.


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