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When To Use Roll Out Trays Or Drawer Base Cabinets


Roll out trays and drawer base cabinets serve the same function, or do they?  They both extend out of the cabinet making it easier for us homeowners to find exactly what we are looking for without having to rummage through endless groceries or dinnerware.  They both come in a variety of sizes, enabling kitchen designers to incorporate them into virtually any floor space.  However, it is a common misconception that drawer base cabinets and roll out trays are interchangeable.

A roll out tray is simply an accessory that can be added into a standard cabinet; this accessory can be utilized in both base and wall cabinets.  It is simply a shelf that can be pulled out, making the entire tray accessible.  Many individuals place one or two roll out trays in particular cabinets that they know they are going to store nonperishable food in; this accessory helps keep the cabinet organized.

Drawer base cabinets are self explanatory; they are a base cabinet with no doors, just drawers.  These are most commonly used for pots and pans.  The deep drawers are the perfect size to store all of your favorite cookware.

Customers looking to save money and stay within budget may think that they can swap a drawer base cabinet for the less expensive roll out tray accessory.  This may work if you are looking to hold glasses, cereal, or canned goods, but it is not going to be ideal for storing your crocpot.

Being as roll out trays are an accessory that need to be installed into an existing base cabinet, you are going to loose anywhere from 1-3″ of storage space per shelf.  This may cause a problem when you are looking to put your pots and pans away.

While it is understandable how the similarities between the two can seem much more prevalent than they are; it is imperative that consumers are educated about the difference.  Dollar signs can not be the deciding factor because you may wind up compromising functionality in the process.

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