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Staggered Height Wall Cabinets Take Your Kitchen to New Heights With


Recently Hung Wall Kitchen Cabinets
Recently Hung Wall Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen design there are only certain aspects that can be manipulated to make a house into your home; trying to personalize and style your kitchen to your needs may seem like an unfeasible task. However, if you flip through the pages of the latest home magazines you will see tons of design trends that you can infuse to create your ideal kitchen without looking identical to someone else’s.

Variety is the spice of life, so try changing the over all ambiance of your kitchen. One way to do this is to utilize staggered height wall kitchen cabinets. Strategically placing different leveled wall cabinets in your kitchen will give the room a focal point. Your guests will no longer be starring at a long row of identical wall cabinets; instead their eyes will be drawn to the character of your home brought on by the differences in height.

A great way to place staggered height wall cabinets would be in corners and at the end of the run. Installing 36″ high wall cabinets at the corner and the end of a row of 30″ high wall cabinets will take your kitchen design from mundane to exceptional.


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