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Get Your Kitchen Ready for Summer in 7 Days


Summer White Kitchen with Yellow Backsplash
Many restaurants serve seasonal menus, changing their offerings every few months to complement what’s local and fresh. One of the most distinct restaurants that has very successfully utilized this model is Park Avenue Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter in New York City. Each season, the restaurants not only overhauls its menu, but undergoes a complete renovation and redecoration, emerging with new furnishings that are season-centric.

On a less expensive scale, home cooks and kitchens often do the same. We shop for what’s newly available at our local farmer’s markets, add spring flowers and planters, and are often ready for a big Spring cleaning by the time March rolls around. As it’s nearing the end of May, those of us on the East Coast are eagerly anticipating Summer.

Here are 7 easy projects you can do to get your kitchen ready for Summer in just one week! Doing one thing each night is simple and manageable.

1. Tuesday: Find, thrift, or buy a colorful bowl and visit your grocery store for colorful and delicious fruit to place inside. Voila! Your room instantly looks fresher and you’ve got a stash of healthy snacks for the week.

2. Wednesday: Visit your local nursery or store to see their selection of house plants and flowers. Buy the prettiest or greenest arrangement you can find and place it in a previously boring corner of your kitchen.

3. Thursday: Look around your apartment or house and see if anything needs a new paint job. I guarantee there is at least one thing. When in doubt, white paint always freshens up an old piece of furniture or out of style cabinets.

4. Friday: You’re sitting at your office at work and feel like leaving for the weekend already. Play hooky a little and browse your favorite websites for any killer home goods sales. I love Gilt, West Elm, and surprisingly, Kate Spade. Treat yourself to one unique and practical item for your kitchen (see the dolls, aqua pasta holders, and ceramic owl in the right side of the photo above?) that makes you smile every time you see it.

5. Saturday: With your blue painter’s tape and some extra dropcloths, start painting whatever you intended to paint! We love the look of all white cabinets.

6. Sunday: Once those cabinets are dry, shop for sleek cute new cabinet knobs or drawer pulls. Bring home and simply screw on. Instantly a whole new look!

7. Monday: Clean, clean, clean! Throw out any old spices that have been sitting too long in the pantry, unidentified foods in the fridge, and clean out all the crevices of the countertops. Be sure to wipe down the backsplash if you have it, or the wall behind the range, because all the grease from cooking accumulates there quite fast.

And, there you have it. Your kitchen is all set for Summer cocktail parties and entertaining! Will you do the 7 day Summer Ready Kitchen Challenge? Let us know how it goes.

(Photo via Design Sponge)

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