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Four Tips For Making the Most Out Of Your Kitchen This Holiday


As much as you enjoy the holidays and all of the merriness that this time of year brings, you may also be dreading fixing and serving a family meal inside your crowded, impractical kitchen. As the holiday season nears, however, you may think that it is too late to transform your kitchen into a comfortable and practical room that will serve you well this Thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact, now is the time that you can take simple, yet important steps to creating a kitchen that you will enjoy this holiday season. These ideas can help you enjoy the experience of cooking and serving a big family dinner instead of dreading it altogether.

Christmas Decorated Kitchen

Invest in a New Stove

This suggestion might seem overly simple. After all, if you have not yet bought a new stove for your kitchen, what difference could buying a new stove now have on your holiday season? However, when you get rid of your small and aged stove in favor of a new and convenient stove and oven combination, you may have the cooking experience you have always desired this holiday season. Upgrading from an old, four-top burner stove to a new flat burner range that has five, six, or even eight burners could let you cook up a meal in no time at all. Making this investment now could save your current holiday season and make future holidays in your home exciting and comfortable.

Expand Your Counters

You may be like so many other family cooks when you complain about the lack of counter space in your kitchen. You lack the room to roll out pie dough, cut biscuits, and fix other family favorites as you prepare the meal in your cramped kitchen. However, if you could expand your counters, even if it means rearranging a few things in this room of the house, you could give yourself the extra room you need to make a great holiday meal.

Brighten Up the Room

If your kitchen has old wallpaper or is painted a gloomy color, you can brighten up your holiday kitchen by painting it a bright and cheerful hue. A clean white or off-white, or even bolder shades like red, pink, light green, or blue, could make your kitchen lighter and more cheerful. A new coat of paint could make all of the difference in transforming your kitchen into a room that you will enjoy cooking in this holiday season.

Add Additional Storage

As you consider what improvements you could make in your kitchen, you should give plenty of thought to additional storage for the holiday cooking season. A baker’s rack, stackable totes, ready-to-assemble pantries, and other simple storage additions could give you plenty of room to store your cookware and ingredients until you are ready to start cooking the family dinner.

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