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Transforming Your Bathroom Into a Home Spa


Reclaimed Wood Tub CaddyAfter a long day of work, sometimes the best treat you can give yourself is a nice hot soak in the bathtub. (Notice how the smartphone is out of reach from the tub?) Retreat from emails, social media, and stress by creating your very own spa sanctuary inside your home. Here are five instant ways to transform your bathroom into a tranquil spa:

1. Find a tub caddy that suits your style and fits your tub. We love the Reclaimed Wood Tub Caddy above. It’s rustic finish makes it a great decorative piece as well- simply leave it on the bathtub when you’re not using it to display pretty candles or bath soaps. For a more inexpensive option- this tub caddy seems to do it all – holding a book, soap (or candle) and wine glass in one clever design. Talk about pure relaxation.

2. A great soy candle provides aromatherapy and can instantly melt away anxiety. Candles may seem obvious for a spa atmosphere, but I highly recommend soy ones for added natural elements. I have been a fan of the Kobo line for years, and especially love the Fresh Currant and Golden Mimosa scents. Plus, save the packaging after for holding loose trinkets.

3. Turn up the water very hot, then sweat out those toxins! Exfoliate your skin after it has loosened up from the heat with a natural sponge made from a rural workshop in South Africa. This just may be the prettiest sponge ever, so no need to hide it as it dries for the next use. This beats the common loofah, and it’s on sale!

4. Now that spring is finally here, introduce some lavender that will not only provide a soothing scent to your bathroom, but dress it up as well. We love this fresh lavender, already potted in a lovely ceramic container. This would also make a great Mother’s Day gift, no?

5. Invest in a couple of world-famous Turkish Bath Towels that are hand-loomed and come in a variety of chic, soft colors. These cotton towels only get softer and nicer after each use, and will look so effortless hanging on a peg in your bathroom.

How would you achieve your home spa? Coming up, we’ll have some more permanent renovation tips in continual pursuit of that spa environment!

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