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Two Affordable Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Cozy All Winter Long


Interior design is about much more than what’s at eye level. Aside from well-placed lighting and French doors, no home is complete without a proper number of rugs, mats, and carpets. It can feel senseless to spend those hard earned dollars on something you walk on, especially in arguably the messiest room in the house, but accent rugs and utility mats make an huge difference in every kitchen.

Rugs in the kitchen are the fabulous middle ground between bathmats and centerpiece or wall-to-wall carpets in your primary living space. Kitchens get a bad reputation for being cold, harsh, clean places with modern chrome appliances and stone countertops, but all that can change. With one or two accent rugs in your kitchen, you can alter the whole room. The best part is, most of us air on the safe side when it comes to picking a color scheme in the kitchen so as not to offend any diners. That means there probably isn’t anything stopping you from picking a wildly colorful little rug that feels good on your feet, and your eyes!

Interior design enthusiasts will enjoy experimenting with rugs in the kitchen where there usually isn’t much continuous floor space. There is no reason to over commit financially or stylistically, but if all goes well, your home will be dotted with fabulous rugs in no time!

If you’re short on ideas or new to strategic rug buying, here are two easy classics.

Memory Foam Kitchen Mat

The first is perfect for the everyday cook who spends a lot of time standing in the kitchen whether it is chopping, dicing, stirring, or cleaning. For those tired feet and aching backs, there are plenty of gorgeous kitchen rugs that are also memory foam. It’s a great start for under the sink space and they’re specially made to be stain resistant and easily washable.

Chilewich Kitchen Mat

Another favorite kitchen rug/mat is from the newly popular Chilewich who makes incredible weaved utility rugs. They’re totally modern, wonderfully chic, and they come in tons of different weaves, colors, textures, and styles

If you’re not up for an experimental purchase, repurpose a small rug from another room in your kitchen. Youlll be amazed how it warms up the whole room and reignites your kitchen design inspiration!

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