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4 Secrets for Creating a Trendy Kitchen Design in 2014


With the start of the New Year, homeowners everywhere set out to unlock this year’s best kept secrets when it comes to home remodeling and kitchen designs. When they are ready to let go of their old and outdated kitchen decors in favor of this year’s new and exciting remodeling ideas, homeowners can prepare for a fun and engaging project that will bring their kitchens into the modern age. As they prepare for their remodeling project, however, people may want to define precisely what this year’s top trends are. These ideas are among the most popular kitchen remodeling suggestions for 2014:

Gorgeous Modern Kitchen Design

Black & White, or Neutral Tones

This year’s kitchen remodeling trends center around basic black and white color schemes, or color schemes that feature neutral hues. The reds, yellows, blues, greens, and other bright colors that proved to be so popular in the past few years are no longer as trendy as the basic neutrals that are predicted to dominate this year’s themes. People who want to bring their kitchens into a more modern light may be encouraged to take down colorful wallpaper or paint over their brightly painted walls with a clean shade of white or gray. If they want a more dramatic appeal without abandoning this idea, they could also paint their kitchen walls black. Their paint or wallpaper can be offset by neutral curtains or wall accessories that feature the same color tones.

Farmhouse Chic

Country and farm living is making a return to popular home remodeling trends as people move away from the urban chic that once dominated home interiors. People who want to bring a touch of farm or country life into their kitchens can do so by simplifying this room of the house and by using country or agricultural decorative accents throughout their kitchen. A well-placed rooster knickknack on top of the refrigerator or a glass bowl filled with artificial wildflowers in the center of the kitchen island can be just enough to give a hint of farm life without overpowering other decorative elements in the room.

Wooden Cupboards and Cabinets

While stainless steel or painted cupboards were all the rage just a few years ago, this year’s kitchen trends call for people to embrace natural wood finishes for their cupboards and cabinets. Instead of painting over the wooden surfaces of these fixtures, people instead can leave the wood’s natural colors stay intact. Natural woods like cherry, oak, pine, and maple will be found in many home kitchens this year.

Big Lighting Fixtures

Small lighting fixtures will fall out of favor to larger and more dramatic lighting accents in this year’s kitchens. Instead of small overhead lights, people who want a modern kitchen this year may choose big overhead lamps or chandeliers. The brighter lighting and dramatic flair from the lamp shades will dominate this year’s kitchen lighting themes.

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