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Wild and Wacky Kitchens


Sometimes, those picture-perfect kitchens all start looking alike. Granite countertops, glossy wooden cabinets, and stainless steel appliances…yawn. That’s why I was super excited to stumble across these mind-blowing, wild and wacky kitchens. The best part is that all of these kitchens are fully functional. While you might not be outfitting your kitchen in lime green geometric panels or changing neon lights anytime soon, let these spaces take your imagination on a ride! Plus, for each crazy kitchen we’ll extract one manageable, take-away idea that you can actually incorporate in your current kitchen for a fun update.

The Cubist Kitchen

Cubist KitchenDesigned by the Bulgarian twins of Gemelli Design Studio, this abstract and chaotic space is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. While the bright green is a focal color of the kitchen, red and orange accents round out and warm up the walls. We are charmed by the wayward spice racks – such a fun way to store everyday essentials!

Take-Away: Introduce two complementary bright colors into your kitchen. It could be a neon orange plastic clock, a bright red tea kettle, a lime green coffee maker or a classic hot pink Kitchenaid stand mixer. You would be surprised at how much a little change can brighten your day!

A Simply Plywood Kitchen

Plywood KitchenThis Chartier-Corbasson designed-kitchen is unique because it is so bare-bones. In fact, it almost looks unfinished. While you may not choose this for your own home, one can appreciate how the undulating wood grains are truly the star of the space. There is lots of hidden cabinet space, leaving a seamless look.

Take-away: Adding very rustic, natural elements to your home can make it feel very homey. Plywood is inexpensive and easy to cut; purchase a rectangular or square board from your local lumberyard or home goods store and simply nail it onto a blank wall for a modern and minimalist feel.

The Mood Lit Kitchen

Mood Lighting Kitchen

The coolest part of this kitchen is this kitchen has different light settings that go from blue, to purple, orange, green, etc, making it perfect for entertaining. The island and its anchoring cabinets are rounded and there is under-cabinet lighting installed at the bar, highlighting the soft curves of the wood.

Take-away: Neon lights are really hard to pull off in a classy way, but try installing blue or purple LED lights under your cabinets attached with a dimmer switch to lend ambiance to a social evening of wine at home with friends. More on under-cabinet lighting in this post.

What do you think? Which wacky kitchen would you have in your fantasy home, and would you incorporate any of the take-away ideas in your real-kitchen? Leave a comment below to let us know.

(Photos via Design Milk, Design Milk, and Fresh Home)

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