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What is a 1″ Overlay?

1 inch overlayA 1″ overlay refers to the amount of frame that is covered by the overlap of a cabinet drawer or door. The one-inch overlay has grown in popularity in the modern home because it gives the appearance of seamless cabinetry due to the fact that the frame is nearly completely concealed. In actuality, a 1″ overlay design will result in a 3/8″ space between drawers and cabinet door edges. This spacing is an important compensation that allows for free movement and access to all of the cabinetry compartments. There is a significant visual difference between 1″ overlay and 1/2″ overlay cabinets. One should be sure to clarify which of the two schemes is being used to avoid any contradictions during purchase.

The 1/2″ overlay was popular in previous years because of the small savings in materials cost that is made by using a slightly smaller door and drawer façade. The recent increase in popularity of the 1″ overlay is because of the even visual surface effect this design has. It should be noted that choosing between the 1/2″ overlay and the 1″ overlay does not in any way affect the internal dimensions of the cabinetry.

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