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What is a Full Overlay?

Full OverlayA full overlay is a cabinet door that covers the cabinet’s entire face frame. This ensures minimal gaps so that only a very small portion of the cabinet’s storage area is viewable.

A full overlay is a cabinet door that conceals the opening to the storage area. This type of door or drawer front leaves very little gaps between the adjacent openings so that only a small portion of the cabinet box is visible between units. A full overlay fully rests on the cabinet opening when it is closed. A full overlay does not interfere with the interior space of the cabinet, which is not the case when using a half overlay or a full-inset door. Full overlays can be used on both frameless cabinets and cabinets that have a face frame. Cabinets which use a full overlay design are common with five piece doors, but flat wood or paneled coverings are also available.

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