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What are Adjustable Shelves?

Adjustable ShelvesAdjustable shelves offer a movable surface that can expand the vertical height of the levels within an installed cabinet. Adjustable shelves are typically created by offering a series of pre-drilled holes which allow the supporting pegs of a shelf to be removed and repositioned. Incorporating adjustable shelves into the overall plan will allow for greater storage versatility throughout the life of the cabinetry. An adjustable shelf is a practical addition that can be used in conjunction with an internal shelf that extend half of the full depth of the cabinet, but the addition of the pre-drilled adjustment holes during manufacturing will ensure a level adjustment system.

Cabinets are designed and fabricated in accordance with some basic standard dimensions to ensure compatibility between projects. The shelving within a cabinet also follows some basic standard dimensions to ensure predictability in the design and dimensions. For example, a standard kitchen base cabinet is 24 inches deep and 34 1/2 inches tall. Within this typical kitchen base cabinet, there will be one shelf. The shelf is centered at a height of 17 inches with the inclusion of a 1/2″ thick shelf. Some cabinet designs include a 12 inch shelf which only extends half of the depth of the cabinet, but both types are available in adjustable configurations.

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