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What is a Fixed Shelf?

Fixed ShelfsFixed shelves are shelves that cannot be moved. They are ideal for storing items that have a standard height, such as notebooks and CD cases.

Fixed shelves are shelves that are not adjustable. They are usually affixed to the frame in a manner that cannot be changed. Their height cannot be altered to accommodate larger or smaller items. Fixed shelves are ideal for areas in which the storage items have a fairly uniform height, such as notebooks, CD cases or stacked plates. Fixed shelves are also frequently used in closets or open spaces rather than in cabinets. When fixed shelves are used in cabinets, access to the back of the shelf is limited, which can be frustrating. In closets, however, homeowners have more room to move freely in order to reach the entire area of the shelf. Fixed shelves are attached to the surface using metal brackets, which also provide support for the shelves.

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