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What is an Appliance Garage?

Appliance GarageAppliance garage is a general term used to reference any number of customized countertop compartments that are specifically designed to house and conceal large kitchen appliances. In the past, many kitchens would have a rotating barrage of appliances that would frequently occupy the countertop spaces nearest the electrical outlet. Today, countertop spaces are being redesigned to provide permanent locations for frequently used appliances to be stored. These locations will usually be on the countertop and will match the fa?ade of the existing top cabinetry. Within the compartment, there is typically a dedicated electrical outlet for the assigned appliance. Appliance garages will usually house appliances like coffee pots, microwaves or other large movable kitchen machines.

The specific dimensions of an appliance garage are entirely dependent on its location and the dimensions of the appliance it is intended to house. Due to custom nature of an appliance garage, most generally manufactured cabinetry sets will not include this feature. A builder or manufacturer can produce an added compartment and door front that matches the aesthetic of the established cabinetry run upon request. Appliance garages require a permanent sacrifice of countertop space, so it is important that one make that consideration when choosing to add this type of permanent cabinet alteration.

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