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What is an Apron Front Sink?

Apron Front SinkAn apron front sink has a distinct look because of its exposed front-facing side. It is a large sink that is fit into the counter top with the front edge of the sink being exposed. Also known as farm sinks, apron front sinks were designed to be added to a space cut out of the kitchen counter. This type of sink is traditionally quite large because it is designed to be used for multiple functions and cater to the needs of a large family. The main advantage to an apron front sink’s design is that if the sink is damaged then the drain pipe would be removed and the entire sink could easily be replaced.

Because the apron front sink was meant to be easy to replace, there are no holes in this type of sink for fixtures and faucets. The water faucet is instead routed through a permanent fitting location on the counter that would extend over the sink without ever having to be attached to it. This further improved the versatility of incorporating apron front sinks into busy kitchens. Today, the apron front sink is regaining popularity because of its rural look and high level of usefulness.

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