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What is Bamboo Wood?

Bamboo WoodBamboo wood is a type of construction material made from bamboo. This unique substance has the look of tree wood despite actually being made from a grass. In recent years, the use of bamboo in traditional wood construction projects is increasing in popularity due to its ecologically friendly nature. Bamboo is a natural resource that provides a beautiful wood aesthetic, but the plant itself can be re-grown to full maturity in a small fraction of the amount of time it would take a tree to mature. Beyond the benefits of quick renewability, bamboo offers several unique properties that make it an exceptionally better choice for kitchen and bathroom cabinetry.

Many wood workers have a preconceived notion that bamboo is a material that has a limited application. However, this kind of thinking is being replaced as bamboo continues to prove itself as a highly versatile and shapeable wood-like material. Using bamboo does not mean one has to sacrifice any strength, shape or color desires. The grain of bamboo is a unique thin lined pattern that is often preserved with a clear finish coating, but any color of paint can be applied without limitations. Bamboo wood is also not subject the warping or shrinking typically caused by climate changes.

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