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What is Walnut Wood?

Walnut WoodWalnut wood is lumber cut from the trees of the Juglans genus. This wood has been popular in the creation of furniture for its strength, coloring and its ability to be shaped into elaborate curves. As was discovered during World War I, Walnut wood is also excellent material to use in the construction of firearm stocks and grips. Today, furniture and firearms that use Walnut wood are very valuable pieces that are cherished by collectors. What made Walnut wood so popular with both of these industries was the ability to create a high polished finish on the wood after it is shaped into intricate angular designs.

The Walnut wood color will vary based on how the wood was dried. Kiln dried lumber that has been heat treated to efficiently speed up the drying process will result in a flat brown color. However, if the wood is allowed to air dry, then a dark purplish color is created that is very unique and works well in decorative uses. Walnut is typically too expensive to reasonably be used to construct kitchen cabinets, but veneers can be used to give the appearance without the overwhelming cost. Walnut can also be very useful as kitchen highlights since many products are made from walnut. It is a wonderful wood to use for embellishments like corbels and baseboards.

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