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What is a Base Spice Pull-out?

Base Spice Pull-outA base spice pull-out is a portion of a base cabinet that is perfectly designed for storing herbs, spices and seasonings. While base spice pull-out racks can be placed inside larger cabinets, there are also individual spice cabinets as small as 6” that can be pulled out for easy access to the storage bottles.

A base spice pull-out is a simple alternative to using pantry space for storing spices. The spice pull-out may be a drawer that has areas in which to store bottles of herbs and seasonings, or it may be a rack that can roll out for easy access to the bottles. A base spice pull-out is ideal for small spaces between cabinets or appliances. There are a few cabinet manufacturers that offer pre-made base spice pull-outs, but they are also available through custom orders so that the size and color can be perfectly matched to each homeowner’s cabinet needs.

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