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What is a Spice Drawer Insert?

Spice Drawer InsertA spice drawer insert is a collection of tiered, slanted shelves that lay in a drawer. The insert makes it easier to organize and identify small bottles.

A spice drawer insert is a tiered tray that allows storing spice bottles to be much easier. The tray is set inside the drawer, and the bottles are then lined up so that label can be clearly seen. This means that bottles do not have to be stacked, and different sizes may all be stored in one area. Many cabinetmakers offer spice drawer inserts when customers order custom cabinets. The trays may also be purchased separately to fit into preexisting drawers. Spice drawer inserts can be made from vinyl, plastic or wood. Most manufactured inserts can be cut down to fit each homeowner’s drawer measurements, although not all manufactured trays will fit the depth of existing drawers. If the homeowner has shallow drawers, then a cabinetmaker should be consulted about whether a spice drawer insert is the best option.

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