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What is Bird’s Eye Grain?

Bird’s Eye GrainBird’s eye grain is a special design in the grain of certain woods. It is sometimes called burl grain.

Bird’s eye grain is a unique grain pattern that is only found in certain types of wood. Bird’s eye grain received its name due to its small circular swirls that resemble the eye of a bird. The most popular type of wood with this feature is bird’s eye maple. Bird’s eye maple is frequently used in many types of furniture. Its light color turns to a shade of honey over time, and the dark streaks of the bird’s eye grain adds personality to each piece. Bird’s eye grain is beautiful, but it can also be temperamental to work with. The color can vary greatly, and there may be a slight curl to the grain. The varieties of bird’s eye grain cause stains to be absorbed unpredictably, so it is not recommended. Professionals are unsure what causes such swirls and circles in wood.

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