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What is Maple?

MapleMaple is a type of hardwood that is cut from maple trees. Maple has a unique color and grain, which makes it a highly prized woodworking product.

Maple is cut from maple trees, which can grow very tall. Maple wood is used in many woodworking projects due to its grain pattern. Some cuts of maple wood feature grain that has a flame-like appearance. Other cuts may have small knots, in which case the wood is known as bird’s eye maple. Certain cuts of maple are even called ‘fiddleback’ maple due to its use in the production of violins, violas, cellos, and double basses. One of the drawbacks of using maple is its susceptibility to shrinkage during fluctuations in humidity. Maple should also be thoroughly sanded before stain, paint or polyurethane is applied, which will help the wood to evenly accept the finish. A wood conditioner will also help eliminate blotchy areas by preparing it for the finish.

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