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What is a Bumper Pad?

Bumper PadBumper pads are felt, plastic or rubber additions to cabinet doors that protect the wood while reducing the noise level of closing doors.

Bumper pads are typically round or rectangular pieces that are added to the interior of cabinet doors. Bumper pads reduce the sounds that are often associated with closing cabinets. Without bumper pads, cabinets often vibrate noisily when they are closed. Bumper pads absorb the sounds as well as the vibrations to make closing cabinets as silent as possible. Bumper pads are available in a variety of materials, including felt, plastic and rubber. They are frequently attached to the door using an adhesive backing, but they may fall off or wear down over time. There are also bumper pads available that are permanently affixed to the door, usually by drilling a small hole in which the pads will rest. Bumper pads are also useful for protecting the wood of the cabinets from being damaged as they are closed.

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