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What is a Full-Inset?

Full InsetA full-inset refers to the type of door that is completely flush with the cabinet’s face frame when it is closed. This prevents unsightly gaps between the door and the cabinet’s frame.

A full-inset is a cabinet door that recesses completely into the cabinet’s frame when it is closed. The door’s front must be cut using precise measurements in order to allow proper clearance for the door. Once completed, full-inset doors should be flush with the face of the cabinet so that no gaps can be seen. Most hardware, such as hinges or nails, should be hidden as much as possible. Knobs or drawer pulls may assist homeowners in opening the full-inset cabinet doors. Sliding doors can also be considered a full-inset cabinet closure. Full-inset cabinet doors, drawers and openings leave a large amount of the cabinet box visible, which means that the interior surface of the cabinets should be stained, painted or sealed.

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