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What is a Butt Hinge?

Butt HingeButt hinges are a common type of hinge used in the United States. Also known as a Mortise hinge, the butt hinge is most commonly used in pairs on doors. A butt hinge is constructed of two matching leaves of metal connected by a central pin and barrel system. One leaf of the butt hinge is mortised, or recessed, into the door while the other is attached to the jamb. When properly installed, the two leaves of a butt hinge should sit flush against each other, which allows the door to sit perfectly flush with the jamb.

Butt hinges are widely used in the United States, so most Americans will frequently incorporate butt hinges throughout their homes. Interior and exterior doors may also incorporate butt hinges, but the use of stainless steel or brass will typically be required to help prevent corrosion that disrupts hinge movement. Cabinet doors were once most commonly equipped with butt hinges, but the rising popularity of Soss Invisible and Poly Concealed hinges has changed that. Butt hinges are easy to use and simple to construct, but their correct installation will require a router to ensure smooth mortising for a flush finish.

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