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What is a Cutting Board?

Cutting BoardA cutting board is typically a single ply board made from wood, glass, vinyl or plastic. Also referred to as a butcher block, a cutting board is a durable surface on which vegetables, fruit, meat or bread are cut.

A cutting board is a piece of durable material on which different foods can be cut. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, vinyl or glass. Small, medium and large cutting boards are available for easy storage. Homeowners may also choose to make the entire surface of their counters suitable for use as a cutting board, or they can have a separate piece of rolling furniture that is designed for the same purpose. For an ornate piece that is both attractive and functional, multiple colors and pieces of wood can be connected to create a cutting board or butcher block. Special compartments can also be built into a cutting board are typically used for the storage of knives.

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