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What is Furniture Board?

Furniture BoardFurniture board is a manufactured wood that is used for cabinets and many types of furniture. It is also referred to as particle board.

Furniture board is a type of wood that has been manufactured from wood chips and resin. Since it does not have any type of grain, furniture board is usually covered with a veneer, lacquer or laminate to improve its aesthetic appeal. Furniture board is less expensive than plywood, but it is not as sturdy. It usually has a rough texture, and it is prone to splitting and sagging. It also reacts easily to the environment, which may cause it to swell and discolor over time. Many carpenters will compromise by combining furniture board and plywood. They may use furniture board in less conspicuous portions of the cabinet or in areas that will not be required to support heavy weight. They will then use plywood for the visible or functional parts of the cabinets. By combining materials, carpenters can manage costs while maintaining the appearance of the project.

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