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What is a Epoxy Coated Guide?

Epoxy Coated GuideEpoxy coated guides refer to a guide with a coating that is applied to the metal to help in eliminating noise and abrasion that can result from metal-on-metal movement. The use of epoxy coated guides has grown most popular in use as concealed under-mounts. Epoxy coating is similar in appearance to powder coating, but the two follow distinctly different processes. It is the additional need for heating energy to temper powder coating that makes it a more expensive alternative to epoxy coating.

An epoxy coated guide has a nice finish that has a slight rubberized feeling to it that is the result of the resin in the chemical make-up of the epoxy. Manufacturers can apply epoxy coating to any metal substrate to offer a finished look that matches the décor of many projects. Epoxy coating helps to prevent chaffing on the moving parts of guides while effectively silencing the opening and closing actions of most drawers. Caution should be taken to ensure that epoxy coated guides are never left in direct sunlight. The exposure to UV rays can cause a fast deterioration of the epoxy coating, which is known as chalking out. Once the epoxy coating exhibits any loss of integrity in its surface, the rapid deterioration of the coating is inevitable.

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