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What is a Primer Coat?

Primer CoatA primer coat is the first layer of preparation pain applied to a freshly sanded or raw surface. Primer coats are the foundation that is going to help to adhere the paint to the cabinet. Different types of construction materials are being introduced into kitchen cabinetry designs, but properly applied primer coating can ensure universally smooth top finish coating. However, not all primer coats are the same or can be used for every situation.

Some primer coats will require the mixing of multiple parts while others are incorporated into the top-coat type paint to speed up the process. The greatest advantage to using primer is that it will create continuity on the painting surface that will then help the top-coat layers to appear even and smooth. Especially on porous surfaces, like wood or plaster, a primer is going to prevent uneven absorption of the paint which can distort the coloring and ruin a finishing job. Since not all primers are alike, it is import to consult a professional when selecting the primer coat for any new project to ensure the right combination of surface sealing, protection and color support is going to result.

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