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What is a European Hinge?

European HingeEuropean hinge is a term used to reference the entire assortment of hidden cabinet hinges on the market today. However, the original European hinge was a cup hinge that took the name from the fact that it was the most popular type of hinge used in European cabinetry today. In Germany, and throughout many countries in Europe, the kitchen cabinets are the personal property of the occupant. This is even true in rented apartments. Since cabinetry is designed to be removable, the early developments of the cup hinge gave greater versatility in the parameters under which cabinetry could be installed to varying kitchen dimension. The European hinge, also known as the Euro Hinge, was ideal because it could be used on a frameless cabinet and allowed for horizontal and vertical door-alignment corrections.

As for the European hinge’s current use throughout non-European countries, this term is most commonly a substitute for the more widely known term: hidden hinge. The primary advantage that has resulted in the global popularity of the European hinge is that frameless have risen in popularity and availability, which reduces the need for overlays and trim boards. Without the need for a supporting frame to hold the hinge and door stop, the European hinge allows for a cleaner aesthetic to a cabinetry run.

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