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What is a Gloss Finish?

Gloss FinishA gloss finish is the term used to describe how much light a paint or stain reflects. It may also be called sheen level.

A gloss finish is a label that is given to paint or stain to describe how much light it will reflect. Several gloss finishes are available, including flat, low sheen, eggshell, semi-gloss and gloss. Paints with a flat gloss finish are frequently used on ceilings. A flat finish may also be ideal for painting techniques that result in faux textures. Shinier finishes are more appropriate for both interior and exterior trim. Many paints that are designed for bathrooms or kitchens have a high gloss finish because it is easier to clean. However, the gloss may fade over time, leaving the paint looking worn or dingy. Flat paint can be retouched easily, but glossier paints may require the entire surface to be repainted. A gloss finish may also be referred to as sheen level.

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