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What is a Varnish?

VarnishA varnish is a clear finish that is made of resin, oil and solvents. It is frequently used when woodworkers or cabinetmakers want to enhance the original characteristics of a piece of wood.

A varnish is a type of clear finish. It is composed of a solvent, resin and oil. Varnishes are available in a variety of finishes, including satin, gloss, and semi-gloss. Varnish has no color or pigment. It is translucent, which allows the natural characteristics of a piece of wood to be seen. Carpenters, woodworkers and cabinet makers typically add varnish to pieces to give them a glossy sheen. The varnish also adds a barrier that protects the wood against damage, including scratches and dents. If cabinets or furniture need to be retouched over the years, the layer of varnish can be removed using a small amount of lacquer thinner and some sandpaper. The varnish can then be reapplied for a fresh, new appearance.

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