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What are Inset Doors/Drawers?

Inset doors and drawers form a flush surface with the front face of a cabinet when they are fully closed. Before considering the inset cabinetry style, it is important to expect to pay roughly 20 percent more for any inset shelving project than other overlay options. Many will ask if it is worth the money, but that kind of value is a personal assessment because there is no added structural advantage to this design. Simply put, it is a very stunning look that gives a kitchen a sense of high craftsmanship.

Many choose to pursue the inset style with white cabinets and a soapstone countertop to complete a vintage kitchen look. Drawers are relatively unchanged between inset and overlay styles because it is only the outward facing drawer front that must be altered. To accomplish the inset effect with cabinet doors, a special kind of hinge must be used to facilitate the proper operation. Hinge styles can include a fully invisible option that creates a intriguingly smooth finish to the cabinet run. Hinges may also have just the barrel visible. There are kits for modifying cabinetry to an inset design, but this is a difficult task because of the precision required and is best left to a master craftsman.

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