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What is Knotty Alder Wood?

Knotty Alder WoodKnotty alder wood is used to describe alder boards that have numerous visible knots. Not all alder wood boards have knots, but this is a selection favorite of carpenters trying to create a rustic aesthetic. Alder wood is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets because it is strong and affordable, but making the choice to use knotty alder can be used to complete a farmhouse or ranch style. If it is not a customer’s intention to create one of those types of styles, then knotty alder should be avoided.

Knotty alder can be cheaper than clear alder boards, but the knots will pose certain problems for cutting and creating a smooth surface. One danger that should be considered when using knotty alder is that saws can respond unpredictably when they come into contact with knots. Sudden jumps or directional deviations can occur while cutting because the knots are significantly more difficult to cut than the surrounding board surface. Also, knots can unexpectedly fall out of a board and create a hole. While knotty alder is great for achieving a rustic look, it should be avoid in all other circumstances.

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