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What is a Kwik-Korner Jig?

Kwik-Korner JigThe Kwik-Korner Jig is a tool designed by the folks at Do It Yourself Granite. This tool is exclusively produced by DIY Granite and retails for $40 when purchased with a slab of granite. What makes it special is that it can guide anyone to easily and efficiently make straight 45 degree cuts for granite slab inside corners of countertops. The jig is made of aluminum and manufactured in the United States, and it is not typically used by professionals as the website states. The reason is because most professionals build their own jigs.

What really makes this a popular tool is that it can be used in conjunction with a circular saw and a grinder to install a granite slab custom countertop with no previous experience. Even if the granite is purchased wholesale, installing a double-bullnosed ¾ inch slab granite countertop in the kitchen or bathroom is going have an expensive installation price. For a fraction of what the most professionals would charge, a reasonably experienced home improver could do it themselves with this tool and achieve stunning results.

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