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What is a Lazy Susan?

Lazy SusanA lazy Susan is a convenience carrousel. The basic design is to have a circular platform mounting atop a base that allows for the platform to be continuously rotated 360 degrees. The lazy Susan is an American term applied to the device and it was first coined by Vanity Fair magazine in 1917. However, the term is not universally used as the influence of the British term dumbwaiter is still quite popular with some manufacturers.

A lazy Susan may be a small device inserted into a cabinet to make accessing small varieties of objects, like spice jars, much simpler and more convenient. The same design is also available in a large tabletop design that allows groups seated around a circular table to equally share dishes without the need to pass them from hand to hand. The awkward dimensions of corner kitchen cabinets make lazy Susans a popular choice for helping to increase accessibility. Corner lazy Susans may also have a cutout in one side resembling a missing pie piece. This is done because the cutout can be lined up when the doors are closed to ensure the entire space is being used despite the lack of adequate room to house a complete disk shape.

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