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What is a Pie Cut Shelf?

Pie Cut ShelfPie cut shelves are named for their resemblance of a pie with a single slice missing. They are typically coupled with a lazy Suzan mechanism that allows them to rotate 360 degrees when the cabinet is opened. This type of shelf is most often found in corner cabinet spaces as it gives the greatest access to a awkward dimensioned space. Pie cut shelves are very practical and can be used in both base cabinets and top cabinets. Though this term is most frequently applied to the style of cabinet with an internal lazy Susan, fixed shelves with a similar cutout can also be called pie cut.

When trying to maximize the usability of a corner space in an L-shaped or G-shaped cabinetry floor plan, designers will often call for pie cut shelves to be installed. The dimensions available are suited to full sized base cabinetry space. To operate a pie cut shelf, the cabinet doors are opened and the individual shelves are rotated to access whatever one is in search of, but the shelf must be rotated back to its original alignment before the cabinetry door can be closed. This is the source of the most common complaint by those that choose to have this style of shelving installed. Aligning the shelves can be frustrating if the bearings rotate too effortlessly, but if the bearings are too rigid then convenience is inhibited.

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