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What is a Mill?

MillA mill is any type of machine that cuts wood using a rotary device. The term may also refer to a business that cuts wood into usable lumber.

A mill is a saw that cuts timber into lengths of lumber or other wood materials. Traditional mills were powered using an available energy source, such as a nearby stream. Modern mills are electric and are often portable. A mill allows carpenters to cut timber into manageable, usable pieces. There are many businesses that specialize in this task, which are also referred to as mills. Mills cut lumber, molding and other wood products such as doors and pallets. Many byproducts of mills are fashioned into marketable materials, such as MDF, particleboard or posts. A carpenter may choose to cut and mill his own timber, which gives him more flexibility in the types of wood and cuts that he uses. However, many cabinetmakers rely on a business mill to meet their lumber needs, which provides more consistency.

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