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What is a Circular Saw?

Circular SawA circular saw is a power tool that cuts materials using a round blade. It may be mounted on the table, or it may be handheld.

A circular saw is a power tool that allows cabinetmakers and carpenters to make a variety of cuts. Circular saws use a round blade that is edged with sharp metal teeth. The blade spins to cut the wood smoothly. Various blades are available that allow craftsmen to cut several materials, including lumber, timber, paneling and concrete board. There are also specialized blades that are used to cut sheet metal. Most circular saws allow the operator to adjust the height and depth of the cut, and several are designed to create bevel cuts. A circular saw may be handheld, in which case the operator may choose a left-handed or right-handed saw. The saw may also be mounted on a table for more stability and control.

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