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What is a Pilaster?

PilasterA pilaster is a term used to reference a rectangular or column shaped apparatus used to support shelves or cabinets. Typically, when using the term pilaster, one will be making reference to the mounting pillars inside a cabinet that the shelves are attached to. Most pilasters are made of medal and allow for adjustment of shelve height by removing the hanging hardware and relocating it up or down into precut holes.

The term pilaster can also be used to reference a decorative piece that is adhered to the outside corners of base cabinets, like a table leg. This type of pilaster is typically very ornate and meant to add a look of hand carved detailing to a cabinetry run. If this is the type of cabinetry piece one is referencing, then it is important to note that not all pilasters are made alike. Some pilasters are intended to bare a load like an actual table leg, while others are carved from softer wood that is meant to be attached to the face of a base cabinet to give the illusion of hand detailing. Pilasters can be a great decorative detail in a large kitchen, but smaller kitchens can benefit from the incorporation of load bearing pilasters too. Pilasters can also be very helpful in supporting natural rock countertops or in creating kitchen counter seating areas.

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