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What is a Handle?

HandleA handle is the attached piece of hardware that is used to open and close a cabinet door or drawer. Handles are available in as many styles as there are kitchen cabinets. While the term handle is most specifically a reference to a particular type of design, this term is frequently used interchangeably with pulls and knobs. Customarily, a handle will be a bar or piece of material broad enough for multiple fingers to hold it. The difference between a handle and a pull or a knob is in both its appearance and the manner in which one would grasp it.

The handles of a cabinetry run are important because they are vital to door and drawer operation while they also complete the aesthetic of the room. Cabinetry can be renovated simply by exchanging the existing handles with something more expressive of the desired kitchen appearance. Cabinet handles are usually adhered to the face of a door or drawer by a screw that completely passes through to the other side. The screw is driven from the interior side and offers anchored resistance that provides the handle with a firm grasp of the moving cabinetry part.

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