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What is a Pivot Hinge?

Pivot HingePivot hinges are accurately named because they pivot on a single point rather than around a pin. A knife hinge is a popular example of a pivot hinge, but it is not the only example. Pivot hinges are offered in a wide variety of designs. The reason there are so many pivot hinge designs is because the concept of this type of hinge lends itself to a tremendous number of uses.

Full overlay, partial overlay and seamless doors can all be constructed using different forms of pivot hinges. Because the hinge only rotates on a thin single point axis, it can be difficult to install them level. If either hinge is slightly askew, the operation of a door that have pivot hinges will function improperly and quickly break down the hinge itself. Pivot hinges are perfect for creating hidden-hinge designs but they tend to be significantly more fragile than other more advanced hidden hinges such as cup hinges. Since they are of simple design, pivot hinges tend to be very inexpensive.

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