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What is an Exposed Hinge?

Exposed HingeAn exposed hinge is when the hinge pieces are attached to the front side of a cabinet’s face, which makes them completely visible. The exposed hinge is the oldest type of hinge and is still popular with those interested in achieving an element of antiquity in their kitchen design. Hinges that are intended to be exposed will often have a tremendously higher level or flourish and decoration that makes them more appealing as opposed to simply being functional.

Exposed hinges will typically be comprised of three distinct pieces: two wings and a pivot-point knuckle. The wings will have various designs and levels of ornate embellishment molded into them to increase their visual appeal. The popular practice of matching the design of the exposed hinge to that of the door handles has prompted most manufacturers to produce these findings in series that are available to create matching sets, which ties together the overall aesthetic of the cabinetry’s details.

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