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What is Red Oak Wood?

Red Oak WoodRed oak wood is wood that has been cut from a red oak tree. It is a popular wood choice for many carpenters, woodworkers and cabinetmakers.

Red oak wood is cut from the red oak tree. The tree’s sapwood is white or light pink, and it turns to brown or red as it reaches the heartwood. The intensity of the color depends on where the tree has grown. Southern red oak is red and coarse, while trees found in northern areas are denser and lighter in color. Red oak is used for a variety of projects, although it is not recommended for outdoor use. It is ideal for flooring, indoor furniture and cabinets. Red oak has open pores, which makes it easy to stain. The grain may be especially stunning if a dark stain is used during the finishing process. A pore filler will make the surface even smoother for a beautiful finish.

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