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What is Red Birch Wood?

Red Birch WoodRed birch wood is taken from the heartwood of a yellow birch tree. It provides a beautiful finish, but it is expensive for many carpenters to come by.

Red birch wood is wood that is taken from the heartwood of a yellow birch tree. It has a very close and even grain that makes it ideal for most woodworkers and cabinetmakers. Its appearance is similar to that of cherry wood, but its color does not darken when it has been exposed to sunlight. Red birch wood may have traces of the tree’s sapwood, which has a pale yellow color. Red birch wood is often used for flooring and cabinetry. It is also used to make toothpicks. Red birch wood warps easily as it is drying and requires a significant amount of weight in order to keep the lumber straight. Red birch wood readily accepts stain, and it is often used as a substituted for maple.

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