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What is a Roman Arch?

Roman ArchA Roman arch is a cabinet style that features a slight arch on the wall cabinets while base cabinets remain square. Roman arches are considered to be a neoclassical style of architecture.

A Roman arch is a slight curve that appears at the top of some cabinet door panels. When Roman arches are used in kitchen cabinets, they only appear on the wall units, and the base units remain square. A Roman arch can be combined with several other cabinet elements, such as raised door panels or glass inserts. Cabinetmakers construct Roman arch doors out of several types of wood and a variety of finishes. This allows homeowners to enjoy Roman arch doors that are consistent with the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen. The arch is often used in neoclassical architecture and provides a kitchen with a traditional yet elegant appearance. Roman arch doors may be custom ordered, or they may be preassembled and purchased separately.

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