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What is an Arch?

ArchAn arch, when in reference to cabinetry, is used to describe a popular cabinet door design. The arch is a half-circle shape, like an upside down “U,” that can resemble a decorative arc is sometimes incorporated into the run of a cabinet set to give a dramatic old-world styling, but this is very rare and typically achieved using a valance or a custom cabinetry schemes. The arch design that is embossed or engraved into the top doors of a cabinet set is the most common use of the term in relation to cabinetry.

Incorporating the arch design into the façade of cabinet doors helps to create an illusion of extended height in a kitchen space. The arcing bend of the design at the top will visually extend the length of the cabinet doors without actually changing the dimensions. Utilizing the arch design is a simple method for vertically enhancing kitchen space to give a spacious feeling, which is why this design is so widely available. When shopping for arch doors, one will discover a large selection of style options. Whether the arch is created by beveling into the door-surface or by adhering carved pieces onto the door, the visual effect is the same.

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