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What is a Rosette?

RosetteA rosette is a round carving that is often placed on fluted fillers. It provides an elegant touch to finished cabinetry.

A rosette is a round carving that resembles a flower. It is carved into a square piece of wood that is often placed on fluted fillers. Rosettes are often found on bookcases, entertainment centers and kitchen cabinets. The rosette is carved on a separate piece of wood so that the remainder of the cabinetry is not affected by any mistakes. By carving it separately, the cabinetmaker ensures that the rest of his work is not damaged as he is creating the design. Many carpenters prefer the ease and consistency of ordering manufactured rosettes, while others prefer to make their own. In either case, the rosette is on a block of wood that can be attached to the fluted fillers using small nails or adhesives. Rosettes are available in a few different sizes to help homeowners meet their individual cabinetry needs.

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