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What is a Fluted Filler?

Fluted FillerFluted fillers are placed between doors or at the ends of cabinets to conceal gaps. They may also be called filler strips.

Fluted fillers are small panels that are placed on cabinets or furniture to conceal gaps. They may also be used to add finished touches to cabinetry. Fluted fillers usually have a design that sets them apart from the rest of the woodwork. Some filler strips are reversible so that the owners may choose whether they want to use the fluted or the beaded design. Fluted fillers are available in a variety of woods and finishes to ensure that they completely match the rest of the cabinets in the room. They are usually sold in standard lengths that may then be cut to fit each project, but fluted fillers may also be custom ordered. Fluted fillers are attached using small nails or strong adhesive. If nails are used, then the strip must be touched up in order to keep the nails invisible.

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