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What is Rustic?

RusticRustic is a design style that is extremely simple and old-fashioned. It usually features warm wood tones and wrought iron hardware.

A rustic design is popular in many log homes and cabins. Rustic cabinets are often built from reclaimed lumber or wood from old barns. They may also be manufactured from cedar, knotty pine and hickory. The wood typically has unique characteristics, such as knots, wide grain and slight imperfections, which add to the rustic charm of the cabinets. Rustic cabinets may have recessed doors with flat panels, and there may be several hand carvings incorporated into the design. Most rustic cabinets are custom ordered due, but some manufactured units are available. Homeowners often add to the aesthetic appeal of a rustic design by concealing appliances behind panels, which creates continuity throughout the kitchen. They also add other rustic features, such as wrought iron hardware or burnished copper light fixtures.

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