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What is Old World Style?

Old World StyleOld world style woodworking features distressed wood and worn furniture for an antique appearance. Old world style cabinetry may have several raised panels.

Old world style woodworking is a very pure form of carpentry. It favors older materials and traditional tools to create an atmosphere that seems to be from another time. The design often features heavier materials that are rustic yet durable. Color palettes of the old world style feature warm and inviting colors, and wrought iron is often used to accentuate woodwork throughout the room. Old world style cabinets frequently have raised panels that feature distressed wood. Kitchens in this style may have several arches in the design, and appliances may be disguised behind cabinets. Islands are ideal for old world style kitchens and may be painted or stained in a different manner than the rest of the cabinets. When using an old world style design, hinges and hardware are oversized and bold, which adds to the rustic appeal of the design.

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